Pricing for Wild Camping

Wild camping gives guests access to the carpark, vast areas for choosing your own wild camping spot, use of the onsite fire pits and composting toilets.

  1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights +
Adult £15 £12.50 per night £10 per night
Children under 16 £7.50 £6.25 per night £5 per night

Dogs are welcome free of charge but must be kept under control at all times and all waste removed at the end of your stay.

Arrival and departure times are the same throughout the whole week and are:

Arrival from 12pm (midday)

Depart by 10am

Pricing for Day Ticket

The Go Wild Survival day ticket offers guests the opportunity to come into the woods and make full use of the facilities. You, your family and friends can spend a day enjoying the tranquillity of the woods and nature whilst practicing your outdoor, survival, bush craft skills. The day tickets are ideal for people who want to visit for the day and make use of the fire pits to cook succulent tasting food in the great outdoors. Or indulge in much deserved quality time with family and friends building shelters, watching nature or doing a bit of woodland foraging. You can also take the time to chat to other visitors and share ideas, tips and stories.

Come and explore the pond, discover the meditation reflection shelter, find the custom crafted guitar bird box, sit upon the tree truck chair or coppice some dog wood to weave a basket. The lucky, quiet observer might also grab a glimpse of the pair of mating buzzards, spot the roaming muntjac and sneak a peek at the rabbits.

The Go Wild Survival day ticket allows you to enjoy nature and the great outdoors without having to pack and carry overnight kit. It is ideal for busy families who only have a Saturday or Sunday to spare but know the value of getting out into the woods.

During the week, which is often quieter, people can spend their day off work enjoying the outdoors.

Day tickets are £4 per adult and £2 per child. (Please note you need a fire permit to have a fire during your visit, see below for details)

Welcome to Wild Camping

This add on is free of charge and is designed to help people new to wild camping have the confidence to give it a try.

The Welcome to Wild Camping package offers a number of benefits. Guests can call up for pre visit advice from our friendly, knowledgeable survival team who will be on hand to answers questions about:

kit to pack or purchase
activities that you can do during your stay
great books to read

.... and any other question that the first time or novice wild camper may have.

On arrival guests will be met by a member of the survival team who will give an orientation tour of the woodland whilst answering questions. Some of the exciting woodland secrets will of course be left for guests to discover. The survival team member will then spend time with the guests helping them select and settle into a site for their stay. They will be able to offer interesting tips and hints to help guests feel confident about their first (or second) wild camping experience.

Survival team staff will be on hand or on call to assist, answer questions and offer support to guests during their stay. At the end of the stay survival team staff will be available to chat about the guest’s stay, what went well, what they learnt, what they would like to achieve on their next visit and what they will take away from the experience.

Fire Permit

Fires are only allowed in the designated fire pits which are located at The Stone Circle and The Old Well. As part of the booking process a £3 fire permit charge is applied to each group. The Fire Permit grants the holder and their party the right to build campfires and contributes to the sustainable management of the woodland floor habitat. Deadwood on the woodland floor is a vital habitat for bugs and small creatures, it is also great for fires. To ensure that the habitat is maintained for the woodland life the small fee from the fire permit goes towards building and maintaining bug habitats to replace the wood used in fires.

Fire permits are automatically added to your group booking, see fire rules.

Dried Wood

Bags of dry wood are available to help your fire start with a spark. Some guests prefer to have a bag or 2 of dry wood upon their arrival so that they can get straight onto fire lighting and collect wood later on. Guests who arrive near meal times often just want to get the dinner cooking on (and in) the fire straight away without worrying about collecting wood.

Various grades of wood are available, from kindling to get the fire started, to logs to keep it burning during the night.

A bag of kindling is recommended if the weather has been wet to ensure that enough flame and heat can be had to dry out larger wet wood.

Bags of dry wood can be ordered with your booking and will be delivered upon your arrival.


Husqdust is unique to Go Wild Survival and is the most effective fire lighting material available. It lights easily and burns for a long time with an intense heat. It is mixed to a unique recipe and only in very small batches. Watch the video to see just how effective it is. Packets can be ordered with your booking.

Swedish Fire Logs

Sometimes called Swedish log candle or Swedish log stove, they offer a unique and exciting way of starting a fire. The Swedish log is a season circle of wood which has a number of chainsaw cuts running about ¾ of the way down the log from top to bottom.

They are excellent for giving off tremendous heat and light at the same time as providing a perfect platform on top for a cooking pan or kettle.

Swedish fire logs, made from logs from within the woods, can be ordered with your booking.

Exciting Extras

To enhance the wilderness survival experience at Go Wild Survival a number of culinary delights can be ordered.

These include:

Muntjac deer
Meal worms

Some of these animals may have lead shot in so care should be taken when preparing and eating. These are seasonal and subject to availability and can be ordered with your booking.


Payment and bookings can be made through the booking page. Full payment is required upon booking to secure your stay. Terms and Conditions apply.

Wild Camping
Wild Camping
Wild Camping