Go Wild Survival Fire Permit

Fire Permit Rules and Regulations

This Fire Permit grants the holder and their party the right to build campfires and contributes to the sustainable management of the woodland floor habitat.

The holder and their party agree to do the following:

1.  I will build a campfire only in designated fire pits.
2.  I will keep fires to a manageable size and under control.
3.  I will use designated fire pits.
4.  I will ensure that all flammable material is at least 2 metres away from the fire in all directions.
5.  I will store and use fire-starting materials safely.
6.  I will see that the fire is attended to at all times.
7.  I will make sure that water and/or shovel is readily available. I will promptly report any wildfire to the proper authorities.
8.  I will familiarise myself and the group with the onsite firefighting rubber beaters.
9.  I will ensure the fire is cold out. (Cold enough to touch before leaving it.)
10. I will make sure the fire pit is cleaned before I leave it.

The Fire Permit can be withdrawn if the holder and their party fails in their responsibility.

In the event of an uncontrollable fire, call 999.

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